Welcome to my site! My name is Allyson Gernandt, and I am a silversmith and jewelry maker in Bryson City, North Carolina. My aim is to create unique jewelry pieces that enhance your own energy. I know I have done my job when each jewelry piece “finds” its person. Then, the energy of the person and the energy of the piece is enhanced. Over the years, I have gotten many customer testimonies that my jewelry is their favorite, and that they get tons of compliments every time they wear my designs, and I get huge thanks for designing a custom, just right, piece just for them. You will be attracted to the unique stones, shapes and colors that I use in my jewelry. I admire the gemstones and ask them what they want to be. They sit on my table until I know how they want to be set, whether they want a plain setting or organic, freeform, arty surroundings. Like me, you will have a sense of completeness when you wear my jewelry.

I have always loved to make things. As a child I made Clover Blossom necklaces for my grade school friends during recess. I loved paper mache and origami. Now, my loves include my Consulting Hypnosis practice, my love of teaching people how to obtain the most powerful super foods on the planet, helping animals be healthy, Dowsing (water dowsing and finding lost pets), gardening, cooking healthy foods, wild foods and wild natural medicine, hiking, fishing with my husband, and playing with my grandchildren.

I learned about Gemstones, Gem Shows and Silver Soldering from my father in law. After he passed, I took classes at the John C. Campbell Folk School where I learned enough skills to keep going on my own. It takes years to become proficient at this art.

I designed my Kayak and Canoe Jewelry because I live in a whitewater paddling community in Western North Carolina. It made sense to offer racers and recreation paddlers a way to “strut their sport”. My home and studio are almost in view of the Great Smoky Mountains Park. I think that the peace I experience here and the wild nature aspects inspire me every day. My logo, a stylized Elk, is from a vision I received the day I went into the Park and observed the new herd of Elk be released into the wild. The Elk told me “We want you to pass along Elk Energy”. So I engrave my Elk on the backs of Earrings, Pendants and Bracelets, whenever there is room. You take Elk Energy with you when you buy and wear my jewelry. Have fun with this!

The feel very honored to be allowed to work with gemstones and precious stones. The beauty and celebration of matching the stones, designs and their “person” is magic. When the energies of a jewelry piece, and it’s new-found owner combine, we both feel the energy rise. Then I realize, “this is why” I am a Silversmith and Gemstone Jewelry Designer!

You will be attracted to the variety of unique semi-precious gemstone colors and shapes I use. My favorites are: Andean Opals (Peruvian Opals), Larimar, Picasso Marble, Ocean Jasper, Iolite, Natural Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Moonstones (Silver, Peach and White), Star Moonstones, Turquoise, Carnelian, Onyx, Agates, Herkimer Diamonds, Labradorite, Freshwater Pearls.

My belief is that the Earwires are as important as the earrings. I designed my signature “Pagoda Energy Bar” Earwires, Wavy Energy Earwires, and Spiral (clasp-behind) Kidney Earwires. Some of my techniques include: Overlay (see Elk brooch), Fusing, Hammering (see Sterling Cuff Bracelets and “Pine Needles” Ring, Planishing, Forming, Oxidation, Design Stamps, Chisel Embellishment (see Herkimer Diamond Pagoda Earrings). Many designs show a southwest flair. Please visit my Gallery to view more examples.

My desire to is make a gemstone “wearable” by decorating it lightly with sterling silver. I ask each stone “What do you want to be”? I comply. Some want organic, freeform surroundings. Some want crisp lines. Some want to be a ring, and some a bracelet. The end result is that the stone can still “speak for itself”. I now know that the stones DO enhance us. Even though I feel great every day, I have a wonderful feeling of completeness after I put on my own jewelry. You will sense it too!

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Allyson M. Gernandt Silversmith Gemstone Jewelry   |   Bryson City, NC