Living in one of the best whitewater destinations in the Southeast, I have worked and played on rivers for a large part of my life. We paddle and fly fish the multitude of rivers and streams around our home, and feel a strong connection to their energy. I put this energy into each and every kayak or canoe earring and necklace I create. My customers love the small details of the kayak and the waterline on the canoe, as well as the various gemstones that are available for necklaces or earrings. We have found no other kayak or canoe jewelry made with this kind of detail, and I can assure you with this kind of love:

  • I designed these boats to be the most lightweight and feminine Kayak & Canoe Earrings on the market.

  • Each Sterling Silver boat is three-dimensional. The kayak has a tiny cockpit and little dragonflies on the bow, and waves on both sides of the boat. The Canoe has actual thwarts, and waves along both sides.

  • I handmake the Ear Wires to clasp “behind” to prevent loss. The design includes a gemstone or crystal swirled into the Ear Wire.

  • The matching Kayak or Canoe Necklace includes an 1- inch Sterling Silver Chain. The length of the chain can be shortened by clipping the clasp in any link.

  • Click here to see what Kayak and Canoe inventory is currently available through my Etsy site.

Highly customized canoe and kayak jewelry are also available to your preferences. Contact me with any creative ideas that you may have to make yours truly unique.

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